Strategic Capital


Honeyguide® has a structured approach to both choice and the investment process, and business mentoring.

We are very much interested in, and strategically support the development of our commercial investments. This results in essential additional benefits for our partners but also constitutes a basic requirement and a defined governance process.

A condition for our participation in a business is the commitment of that enterprise to our values. To maintain high ethical standards such as equal opportunities and zero tolerance of corruption as well as well thought-out and consistently applied corporate social responsibility are non-negotiable criteria for us.

Creative, flexible and intelligent handling of challenges and opportunities in our view is a condition for sustainable success.

However, these guiding principles are a binding standard for our own planning and action too: thus you can rely on us as your permanent partner who will support you even when things get tough.

A trusting and transparent inclusion in corporate communication is essential. In order to enter into exclusively long-term own funds participation in incorporated companies and to help carry the strategic decisions in our participations within the framework of Strategic Capital, we normally see ourselves represented in the pertinent non-operative management bodies.

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